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  • I live in Any place where the grass is gayest
  • I was born on July 20
  • My occupation is Being an absolute gay
  • I am Gay
  • Bio Deanoru and WayHaught are life.
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  • Francesca14601


    January 6, 2015 by Francesca14601
    1. Dust A
    2. Hellion X
    3. Kid Omega X
    4. Kymera A
    5. Angel X
    6. Olivier X
    7. Talia A
    8. Rockslide X
    9. Bling! A 
    10. Carmen X
    11. Armor A
    12. X-23 A
    13. Pixie A
    14. Stepford Cuckoos A
    15. "" A
    16. "" A
    17. Elixir X
    18. Blindfold A
    19. Mercury A
    20. Glob Herman X 
    21. Anole X
    22. Cable X
    23. Match X
    24. Wolf Cub X
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  • Francesca14601

    Real name: Warren Worthington III

    Genre: Male

    Powers: Wings, flight, healing.

    Real name: Henry "Hank" McCoy

    Genre: Male

    Powers: Super strength, super senses, claws and fangs.

    Real name: Scott Summers

    Genre: Male

    Powers: Optic blast.

    Alias: White Queen

    Genre: Female

    Powers: Telepathy, diamond skin.

    Real name: Remy LeBeau

    Genre: Male

    Powers: Molecular acceleration

    Real name: Robert "Bobby" Drake

    Genre: Male

    Powers: Cryokinesis (ice manipulation).

    Aliases: Marvel Girl, Phoenix

    Genre: Female

    Powers: Telekinesis, telepathy.

    Real name: Jubilation Lee

    Genre: Female

    Powers: Energy plasmoids (former), vampirism.

    Aliases: Shadowcat, Sprite

    Genre: Female

    Powers: Intangibility (phasing).

    Real name: Kurt Wagner

    Genre: Male

    Powers: Teleportation

    Real name: Charles Xavier

    Genre: Male


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