The Adventures of Peter Frye
Genre Comedy
Created by Francesca14601
Peter Frye and Family is a series created by Francesca14601.


Peter Frye: A 6-years-old boy gifted with genius intellect. He is the youngest boy of the Frye family.

Francesca "Fran" Frye: The 17-years-old eldest child of the Frye family. She is confident and loves sports.

Manuel "Manny" Frye: The 16-years-old eldest boy of the Frye family. Socially awkward and smart.

Mariana Frye: The 14-years-old third child of the Frye family. She is member of the Cheerleading Squad and loves to dance. She secretly listen to Metal.

Christian Frye: The 11-years-old fourth child of the Frye family. Troublemaker and loves to play pranks.

Vanessa Frye: The 8-years-old fifth child of the Frye family. Like her sister Mariana, Vanessa loves to dance.

Poppy Frye: The youngest child of the Frye family. She was born in the special Christmas episode of season 1.

Theodore Ross "Teddy" Frye: Uncle of the Frye kids and younger brother Fernando Frye. He takes care of the Frye kids when their parents are away, which is almost all the time.

Fernando Frye: Father of the Frye family and owner of the Frye Construction and Design company.

Alexandra Frye: Mother of the Frye family and owner of a fashion company.

Luna Frye: Youngest sister of Fernando and Teddy. She is eccentric and distracted, yet she's extremely smart, as shown she's owner of a big Farming business, Luna's Moons.

Mason Osborn: Main love interest of Francesca.

Cecilia "Cecy" Gordon: Francesca's best friend.

Michael "Mike" Frye: Son of Teddy Frye. He lives with his mother, Samantha Kenneth after his parent's divorce.

James "Jimmy" Jordan: Christian's best friend.

Matthew "Matt" Osborn: Christian's best friend. The three together form a group called the Bermuda Triangle.

Peter "Pitch" Frye: Peter Frye from a another dimension. Pitch is everything opposite to Peter, although they both posses a genius level intellect. Pitch is the version of Peter that has been heavily influenced by Christian, a troubling kid that listens to no one.