The Children of War is a group formed by the children of Ares, the god of war. All the children wield a signature weapon on their own, which were gifts from their father at the moment of their revelation.


  • Sayuri: Oldest of the group. She wields a katana.
  • Pietro: Second-in-command. He wields a mace.
  • Jax: The peaceful one of the group. He wields a staff.
  • Indigo: She wields a pair of daggers, but she often use firearms.
  • Remus: Twin brother of Romulus. He wields a Gladius (Roman sword), along with a shield.
  • Romulus: Twin brother of Remus. He wields a Pilum (Roman javelin), accompanied with a shield.
  • Lily: She wields a rapier, which was later combined into a wand.


  • The weapons given by Ares are all traditional melee weapons.
  • All the female members of the group have flower-themed names.