The Arcade is a competition held between the schools of Auradon, where each school is represented by their own respective ROAR team. It consists of a friendly combat between four members of each team, chosen randomly, at the Battle Arena.


The matching is completely random and is carried out by the coaches of each team. They reunite a week before the game and have the names of their teams put inside a box. Each coach then proceed to pick a piece of paper, and the name that is written is the team that they will face in the Arcade. If two coaches were to pick the names of their own team, those same two teams will face each other. If more were to pick the names of their own team, the procedure is carried out again between those.

Just before the first round begins, the captain of each team then finds which four members will be representing their team, also through completely random process. The names of the members are put inside a ball, and the balls enter a shuffling cage. The first four balls to drop contain the names of the four members that will enter the Battle Arena.

The same process is repeated to determine the combatants for the second, but the number are reduced to two.

The third round will be one sole combatant and the team can choose the combatant that will represent them.

Battle Arena

The theme and settling of the Battle Arena varies each year. Children before the age 10 are given the opportunity to design the Battle Arena, the best ideas are chosen and put together by a designer, which with the help of other experts, they build the Battle Arena.